Why Kidiquette?

Manners” play an important role in the upbringing of a child. Academic subjects are a must for a good professional life, however overall development including manners & etiquette, makes the child a better human being. The intent behind practicing etiquette has always been to show respect, kindness & love. Childhood is the right age to learn etiquette & manners and learning starts as soon as a child is born but practicing it takes ages.

Kidiquette-The Etiquette Workshop for kids is curated on the above objectives, to inspire children, practice & mean it without any discrimination. It is a program aimed to change the way your child thinks and understands the importance of manners. Become more respectful not just with outsiders but also at home, build self confidence through role plays while they learn the importance of manners. Inculcating Good manners and etiquette in your child when we hardly see any in today’s fast paced world becomes even more essential.

Topics for the workshop will cover :-

  • Importance of manners & etiquette in different scenarios

  • Art of introducing self

  • Grooming & personal hygiene

  • Body language, non-verbal communication

  • Say "NO" to bullying

  • Importance of gratitude

  • Thanking & apologizing

  • Being empathetic

  • Dining etiquette- formal table setup, correct way of eating, use of cutlery and chopsticks