Polish Your Childs Potential – The Path to Graceful Greatness

The Etiquette Workshop for Kids, a program designed to empower your child with essential life skills and values. Our mission is to inspire children to not just practice good manners and etiquette, but to truly understand and embody them, without any discrimination. In today's fast-paced world, nurturing these qualities in our children has never been more crucial.

Kidiquette has following Modules:

  1. Importance of Manners & Etiquette - Understand why good manners matter in today's world.

  2. Etiquette in Social Situations - Learn how to navigate various social settings with grace and poise.

  3. Body Language - Master the art of non-verbal communication.

  4. Telephone Etiquette - Politeness in the digital age: proper phone manners.

  5. Grooming & Personal Hygiene - Develop personal grooming habits for a confident appearance.

  6. Thanking & Apologizing - Discover the power of gratitude and sincere apologies.

  7. Say NO to Bullying - Equip your child with the skills to stand up against bullying.

  8. Gratitude & Empathy - Cultivate empathy and appreciation for others.

  9. Table Manners - Dine with elegance and charm.

  10. Formal Table Setup - Set the table for formal occasions with finesse.

  11. Use of Cutlery - Learn the art of dining etiquette, including the use of various utensils.

  12. Eating with Chopsticks (only for in-person workshops) - Explore the cultural significance of chopsticks and how to use them.

    Join us in this enriching journey to help your child become a confident, respectful, and empathetic individual. Kidiquette is more than just a workshop; it's an investment in your child's future.

Enroll your child in Kidiquette program today to help your child grow and flourish in a world where good manners and etiquette make a difference.